Save me a seat next to you

n. a fear of love, falling in love

“ The odd thing is that I’m in love with you anyhow. ”

— F. Scott Fitzgerald, Crazy Sunday (via moonlight-driive)

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“ it’s about who you miss at 2 in the afternoon when you’re busy, not 2 in the morning when you’re lonely. ”


Creedence Clearwater Revival — Have you ever seen the rain?

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James Dean photographed by Dennis Stock in NYC, 1955.

“ Your hand found mine.
Life rushed to my fingers like a blood clot. ”

— Anne Sexton, “The Touch,” from Love Poems (via viciieuse)

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“ Stay single until someone actually compliments your life in a way that makes it better not to be single. If not, it’s not worth it. ”

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“ I’ll marry someone who knows how I take my tea, coffee, and alcohol
And knows when to make which. ”

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“ Rape jokes are not jokes. Woman-hating jokes are not jokes. These guys are telling you what they think. When you laugh along to get their approval, you give them yours. ”

— Thomas Millar, Meet the Predator  (via febrile-exhalation)

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